Golden Hinde

I hope that you all had a long night’s sleep last night and are not feeling too tired today. Thank you all for being so enthusiastic and for throwing yourselves into all of the activities. We had a fabulous time and are very proud of you all. Your haggling in Borough Market was superb and the quiet, considerate way you moved around the Tate Modern was fabulous.


Good morning

Good morning from the deck of the Golden Hinde. Most of us are still sleeping having had a fairly good night’s sleep! We are looking forward to the logistically challenging task of finding all of our belongings before eating breakfast and setting off to the Tate Modern. See you all later!

Golden Hinde

45D98E73-8A69-4F06-A636-5EB262C57AB9.jpegWe are happily aboard the Golden Hinde and are currently learning to be officers, gunners and barber surgeons. We managed to dodge most of the rain earlier so are pretty dry. Are looking forward to dinner and lots of sleep… we hope!

Spelling practice

Today we used a range of methods to practise 6 spellings that we didn’t spell correctly in a test. After identifying the spellings we needed to practise, we used a dictionary to check the spelling which was then checked by an adult. We then used spelling doodle cards, before writing the words on pieces of paper and cutting them up into their syllables. Next, we progressed onto using Banagrams to spell the words, before putting them into sentences and having a mini test.

The test for these spellings will be on Monday 17th June because we will be on the Golden Hinde trip on Friday.

Pulley enquiry

As part of our topic exploring forces, we created our own pulleys. Firstly, we made a fixed pulley that contained one block and we used this to lift a load (multilink). Next we created a block and tackle pulley (which was quite tricky) but this pulley had 2 blocks and we found that this made lifting the load much easier. We concluded that the more blocks present in a pulley, the less effort is needed to lift the load because the weight is shared between the blocks.

Introduction to The Wonder Garden

Today we began exploring the new book that we are reading in our Guided Reading lessons. We started with a puzzle of an amazing illustration of the Amazon rainforest; this required careful attention to detail and a lot of trial and error. Next, we read the blurb and introduction and found out that the purpose of the book is to convince the reader that nature is amazing.
We can’t wait to read more about the 5 habitats featured in the book.

Master Scribe certificates


Congratulations to our 4 new proud owners of Master Scribes. I know that you girls have been working very hard on your handwriting and it has really paid off. For those of you are still working towards a Master Scribe, make sure that you are consistently joining your handwriting and your letters are formed neatly.

Parachute enquiry

As part of our science topic, exploring forces, we have been learning about the different types of forces that can act on an object and how those forces occur. We have learnt about gravity, air resistance, friction, amongst others, and applied these in a parachute enquiry.

First we created an enquiry question; some groups chose to change the fabric the parachute was made from or the size of the parachute or even the length of the parachute’s strings. After the question was chosen, we made a prediction and then began making the parachutes. Each parachute was tested in the same conditions and results were recorded in a table. This then enabled us to make recommendations about the best material, size and length of string needed for a parachute.