Aladdin photo challenge

We hope that you have a wonderful, restful Half Term break as you have certainly all earnt it! We do not set Home Learning over holidays but if you decide to practise some of the Aladdin dances at home, we would love to see a photo of you doing this; you might be on the trampoline or in the middle of garden, the more interesting the better! If you do take a photo, please email it to me and I will post it on the blog. My email is

Keep dancing!


Separating materials enquiry

In Science, we have been looking at separating materials that have different properties. We have focused on making predictions before carrying out our investigations and using key scientific vocabulary when writing up our observations. We have used our knowledge of solids, liquids and gases to decide how to carry out our enquiries, and to suggest the most suitable equipment needed for our tests. Additionally, we have designed our own tables to record the data collected and begun to explore ways to present our findings.

Aladdin dance video

Friend Like Me

This link will take you to a video of the dance for Friend Like Me. I thought you might like to watch it at home and practise especially as we begin to get nearer our exciting performance.

I have shared the password with you in school so please come and ask me for it if you have forgotten.

Sharing our sagas

Today, we were fortunate enough to share our sagas with 4VC who were a fabulous audience and gave lots of positive feedback. It was a brilliant opportunity to practise reading our writing aloud whilst thinking about intonation and volume. It was lovely to see the pride that was shown in the sagas that everyone had written.

I am genuinely very proud of the description, detail and fabulous plots that were created by everybody and we look forward to sharing those more after school tomorrow.


Sharing sagas

Over the course of this half term, we have been discovering more about the life of Vikings. As part of our English lessons,  we have been exploring Viking sagas and have written our very own! We might be biased, but we think they are brilliant and we want to share them with you.

Parents and guardians are more than welcome to come into school on Friday at 3:40 so that you can hear our sagas.



Superb Solubility

Today we conducted our own enquiry to explore whether all solids that we can pour, are soluble. Before beginning our enquiry, we considered which variable we could change and which variables we needed to keep the same. After looking at skills we needed to show we were working like scientists, we began our experiment by placing a teaspoon of each solid in a cup and watching how long it took to dissolve or if it dissolved at all!

The answer to our question, was that only some solids that we can pour, are soluble. For example, flour did not dissolve within the 3 minutes that we were observing changes.

We will be building on this learning next week by carrying out another enquiry using the skills we have developed today.

The vicious Vikings!

Welcome back! I hope you had a restful Christmas and a happy New Year.

We have been especially busy discovering more about our new Vikings topic – Raiders and Invaders! As a class, we shared what we currently know about the lives of Vikings and then began to explore in detail their journey in longboats across the seas. We all took part in a Viking ship reconstruction relay, where we worked in small groups to study a hidden picture and memorise as much of it as possible, before returning to our groups to describe in detail what we saw. It was fantastic to see the detailed observations that we could make and remember, even under a time pressure!

We will keep you up to date with our learning throughout this topic!

Merry Christmas!


You made it! I have been so impressed with the focus, hard work and determination you have showed this Term. You all have a lot to be proud of both in the work you have produced, and the kind, caring way you treat one another.

I hope that you have a relaxing Christmas break, you have most definitely earned it!

Aladdin songs

Below is a link to the songs from Aladdin. Please check with your adult at home before using the link. We have practised, Prince Ali, Friend Like Me, Arabian Nights and One Jump Ahead most but you can also start to listen songs such as A Whole New World.

Happy singing (and maybe even dancing)!

Aladdin link 

Celebrating brilliance in others

Today we had a slightly different success criteria which was to notice and celebrate brilliance in others!

We started by looking at the ways we can be different and similar to one another before then making a list of amazing people in our lives with a note of the brilliant things they do. The last part of the lesson was to write a letter to one person from the list and to then hand deliver this letter. The letter was a thank you for all the wonderful, kind things they do for us.

My favourite part of the lesson was watching the faces of those who were having something lovely being said about them, it was very special!